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K.Hartwall goes East

K. Hartwall has recently opened a new sales arm in China, K. Hartwall (Suzhou) Trading Co., Ltd., only one hour from Shanghai. The reason for establishing the new organisation is that we see China as a fast growing market and the place to be in the coming years.  


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Effective alternatives to loose loading

Loose loading of parcels between terminals is a very common way of operating within Postal - and for good reasons. As a large part of the overall logistics costs is tied to transportation, assuring the maximal cubic fill especially for long distances in trucks or containers is smart and cost efficient.  


Product highlight

Foldia Rollcage

Foldia® – 5:1 folding ratio for convenience store space efficiency

Maximizing both the transport cubic efficiency and space savings at destination, 4 Foldia® roll containers can be stacked inside an open one. Because Foldia® is compatible with demountable and other folding roll containers, your existing fleet can be upgraded step by step. Read more  


In focus

In focus

Improve your supply chain efficiency with K.Hartwall Lean Modular Solutions  


Logistics Efficiency through Innovation


We bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.


Our global production network ensures that we can serve you with the best quality and lead time regardless of product type or your location.


We work closely with our customers around the world and are able to produce measurable benefits through improved logistics flow.