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Sanjiang Junior Sport Team is team No3

K.Hartwall continues to carry out the welfare program it launched two years ago to support a Junior Sport Team (JST) in each of the countries where it is doing business. The third awarded Junior Team is situated in Sanjiang, China. Read more 


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The Parcel cage is a real space saver

Many parcel operators have a long operational history and, as a result, also an existing fleet of legacy load carriers that were not built for the speed and automation of today’s operations. Posti is replacing old parcel cages with more efficient alternatives to improve its operations. Read more 


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Foldia®, the most space-efficient foldable roll cage

Best-in-class for space efficiency with its 5:1 folding ratio, Foldia® is the solution when you want to reduce the space needed in back stores or during reverse logistics. Check the full product specification and different variants here.  


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Keep things rolling with Lean logistics  


We improve our customers logistics


We bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.


Our global production network ensures that we can serve you with the best quality and lead time regardless of product type or your location.


We work closely with our customers around the world and are able to produce measurable benefits through improved logistics flow.