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Collaboration and agility are key to success in managing modern retail supply chains

Earlier in June K Hartwall held a one day seminar at Cranfield University, supported by the CILT, looking at the supply chain challenges faced by modern retailers. Read more  


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Combining parcel and letter streams

Because flagship automated sorting systems are undeniably glamorous, it is easy to overlook the huge potential efficiency improvements that can be achieved by optimising manual handling operations and maximising cubic fill. Read more  


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K Hartwall Polly

Polly - Increase your cubic fill with double stacking

Polly is a foldable roll container optimized for manual handling operations. Using the associated adaptor pallet, it can be double-stacked during transportation providing extremely high vehicle fill both outbound and reverse logistics. Read more  


In focus

In focus

Improve your supply chain efficiency with K.Hartwall Lean Modular Solutions  


Logistics Efficiency through Innovation


We bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.


Our global production network ensures that we can serve you with the best quality and lead time regardless of product type or your location.


We work closely with our customers around the world and are able to produce measurable benefits through improved logistics flow.