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Check the presentation from the Logy conference

LOGY is the largest network of logistics and purchasing professionals in Finland. At their seminar on May 16 gathering over 100 professionals K.Hartwall talked about managing load carriers on a new level. Read more 


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Sharing the load

The term “Loose load” describes the loading of cargo directly into a truck or container without the use of load carriers. Today, loose loading is today widely used for both bulk transportation and parcels as it maximises truck fill. But see what PostNord has tested. Read more 


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Foldia® Plus - 1 roll container, 4 heights

Foldia® Plus is a smart folding roll container which can be adapted to your needs. The adjustable sides allow you to modulate its height from 1,3 and 1,8m depending of the goods transported or the size of truck you are using. Read more.  


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Efficiency and cost-savings for FMCG's  


Logistics Efficiency through Innovation


We bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.


Our global production network ensures that we can serve you with the best quality and lead time regardless of product type or your location.


We work closely with our customers around the world and are able to produce measurable benefits through improved logistics flow.