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  • Develop best fit multi-channel fulfilment for your retail business model

    April 9, 2014

    Staying on the top of industry trends allows you to get best fit fulfillment for current and future market needs. The number one challenge in the retail industry today is matching multichannel fulfilment processes to consumer trends.

    Consumers are ordering more and more goods online.  In the UK, an e-commerce market trendsetter in Europe, online retail sales have increased by 16% from 2012 to 2013 and the forecast for 2014 is of a similar increase. Whether a retailer really wants it or not, presence online is essential to ensure sales, maintain customer loyalty and market share. Another retail trend is the increase in sales through smaller format and convenience stores, while volumes in hypermarket stores are declining.

    Therefore, while retailers need to focus on how to satisfy their increasingly demanding consumers both on- and off-line, K. Hartwall can and are helping retailers solve their multichannel fulfillment problems.

    We have learned that retailers need to adapt their processes and load carriers to the changing mix of products, sizes, volumes and delivery frequency needed to fit this changing demand.

    For the majority of the retailers, omni and multi-channel fulfillment is a process of learning by doing. Whether the consumer is willing to pay for home delivery or whether they are willing to collect goods themselves varies from market to market. When this is clear, costly picking and supply operations need to be made more efficient, either in the stores or at specific DC’s and dark warehouses.  

    How does K.Hartwall enable better fulfilment for our retail customers?

    • By listening to them  and prioritizing their “end to end” needs and objectives.
    • By learning about their existing and future supply chain requirements.         
    • By using our software tools and retail experience to analyse, quantify and map their current process and costs.
    • By developing alternative multi-channel fulfilment processes and load carriers with clear ROI calculations.
    • By not promoting “off the shelf” solutions at the expense of best fit solutions for their retail specific needs.
    • By ensuring that only solutions that are customer, colleague and environment friendly are considered.

    One must be bold enough to look at the logistic chain as a whole, rather than a group of silo’s to achieve best in class delivery cost and customer experience. Focus on last mile and last 50 yard handling costs is crucial when developing demand led supply chain alternatives.

    If you believe that your company can benefit from our innovative handling products, services and holistic approach to Retail Solution Development, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.  We are ready to help!