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  • Focusing on the last miles

    June 11, 2014

    Lately, we have heard great success stories of the expansion of the Aldi brand in Australia. Congratulations to them! One of the success factors is the systematic focus on a proven, highly efficient supply chain, driven by the One-Touch approach and focusing on providing retailers with shelf-ready packaging (SRP) solutions.

    Aldi have used the K.Hartwall tray for over 10 years with success and are now embracing the technology of the Combo tray to take the end to end efficiencies of a multi-bottle, smaller footprint tray to enhance and develop their home brand sales to a new level.  

    The key element in the One-Touch supply chain is the use of smaller SKU’s that hold the optimal amount of products. They are packed at the suppliers’ production lines, moved through distribution network, and straight onto the retail floor without being unstacked or touched. The success of the system is being recognized by retailers as it brings clear business benefits especially in the faster-moving lines such as beverages.

    The Combo Tray, the most cost-effective SRP solution for Beverage

    K. Hartwall’s shelf-ready packaging solution performs. It decreases handling costs up to 25% and improves space utilization. It is ergonomic and needs less space for warehousing. But that’s not all. What many of our customers appreciate is the possibility to create an attractive presentation with this shelf-ready unit, since branding and product availability are bound to increase sales. The customer’s brand also enjoys reaching the sustainability goals with this solution as it creates less waste and secondary packaging.

    The introduction of smaller-format SKU’s requires true collaboration between all players within the supply chain as it involves production, packaging design, warehousing, transportation, reverse logistics and, of course, in-store merchandising. However, the supply chain partners are ready for the change, as it also bring more efficient transport with secured load, high cubic efficiency and faster loading and unloading times. Not to forget that it is highly suitable for automated handling.

    This time K.Hartwall is raising the bar even higher by introducing a multi-bottle returnable tray, the Combo, designed to take different sizes of bottles ensuring higher product availability and wider product mix. The system is such a success that other bottles merchandisers are removing the packaging their product is being delivered in and filling the Combo in store!

    What our clients say:

    “When combined with our plastic display pallet, the K.Hartwall tray has helped us provide a holistic solution to beverage manufacturers and retailers where we are helping save money on packaging and handling costs and at the same time helping retailers make the last 50 metres as efficient as possible”. Michael Donahoo, Loscam Head of Customer Solutions

    “The K. Hartwall Tray has integrated very well into our automated production lines and its closure holding system is definitively much more stable under load than previous trays”. George Tan, director of Slades Beverages.

    And the good news is that we are now designing a similar Tray soon available in the European standard dimensions.

    Herrick Ramberg, Head of Business Unit Beverage