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  • Innovation: Together we are strong

    September 11, 2015

    Innovation is a word of many meanings. K.Hartwall strive for innovation on two levels: 1) We work continuously to improve our current products to better meet customer needs. For example how to bring down the noise level or reduce the weight while maintaining the strength of a load carrier 2) We look further ahead through the research of new materials, production technologies and development of future concepts. For instance how to increase platform thinking and modularity in our product portfolio.

    We believe in customer-focused innovation. This is why we send our development team to customer’s operational environment to observe and perceive the problem areas – well before providing solutions to them. Active customer dialogue continues throughout the development process from early concepts and prototyping to serial production and after-sales follow-up.

    In addition to our in-house competencies we regularly utilise the expertise of our partner network. One of our partners is Plastinject, a Swedish supplier of injection molded parts and products. With them we look into manufacturing some of our existing products in a more efficient way but also cooperate in developing completely new products. This collaborative approach brings mutual benefits: technology matters such as production methods and material selection are considered from the start and projects can be completed in a more time-saving manner.

    K. Hartwall Product Development has a team of talented design specialists that work on challenging customer problems. Yet we believe that true innovation can be achieved by working in cross-functional teams including Sales, Purchasing & Production, leveraging on the knowledge and experience of our colleagues and partners.

    Looking into the future of logistics is motivating and inspiring. We believe that the passion to develop new, improved solutions also reflects in the final products we are delivering. Agile product development and early user & customer involvement has proven to be the right approach – also based on the positive feedback from our customers.