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  • K. Hartwall to strongly invest in new technologies

    May 8, 2015

    We have decided to improve our competitiveness by investing into new technology and will be replacing one of the tube laser cutters with the most recent technology of LT Fiber laser cutter.

    LT Fiber is the latest technology for laser tube cutters. It is especially designed for cutting tubes of any section. It is equipped with fiber source suitable for highly-reflective materials that guarantees a considerable productivity increase and, at the same time, strong reductions of our operation costs.

    The significant reduction in power consumption, superior cutting speeds for certain metals, reduced service and maintenance costs plus the capability to cut high-reflective materials such as brass, copper and aluminum, makes the LT Fiber a very attractive investment. The new equipment will be up and running this autumn.

    At K.Hartwall we value our workers and want to make sure that they have excellent working conditions in our manufacturing process. This is why we have invested into several zero-gravity lifters. The lifters are designed to maximize operator efficiency and ergonomics in handling awkward or heavy materials, virtually eliminating the effects of gravity. They will enable us to better handle the increasing volume of heavy products such as Adaptor Pallets, SmartCube® and Pallet Size Dollies.

    Our large and loyal circle of customers are living proof that we have succeeded at reaching our goal. By providing them high-quality and fit-for-purpose products we are also able to help them improve their logistics flow and minimize their handling costs.