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  • Our guarantee: Innovative load carriers and global delivery capability

    August 28, 2014

    Innovation is the core of our business.

    In the last past years we have invented new load carriers solutions such as:

    • Hybrid Dolly and Eurodolly both plastic based dollies and Ready Display units that improve your logistics efficiency and reduce manual handling by enabling goods to be transported from the supplier to the store with no need to shelve them
    • Low noise returnable load carriers, which have been used for example by DHL during the London Olympics to deliver beverages at night time into urban areas. Our range of PIEK certified load carriers consists of dollies, Compactainer® and UK A-frame roll containers. http://www.piek-international.com/english/register/suppliers/default.asp?page=detail&id=99
    • Foldia® which is a revolutionary Folding roll container due to its symmetrical design improving both vehicle cubic fill and space efficiency in DC or store backrooms with an impressive ratio of 5:1.

    Load carriers have been at the heart of our business for the last 30 years. Today we are extending our offering with a range of services like maintenance & repair contracts, value analysis of your Supply chain as well as tracking possibilities. Because we know they can bring more value to you and make sure that your load carriers are used safely and in the most efficient way.

    One of K. Hartwall’s strengths is our hands-on approach and long experience in the load carriers business. In order to further improve our production efficiency we are currently implementing a Lean manufacturing process in our leading factory in Finland. Main focuses are on agile, made-to-order production model with e.g. fast changeovers, reactivity and flexibility. The core idea is to maximize Customer value while minimizing waste and having streamlined processes.

    With our own leading factory in Finland and certified partnered production units in Central Europe and Asia we ensure flexibility and delivery capability worldwide. Our global production network guarantees that we can serve you with the best quality and lead time regardless of the product supplied or your location.