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  • Proud member of Zero Accident Forum

    January 14, 2014

    In 2013 K. Hartwall joined in the Finnish national organisation called Zero Accident Forum consisting almost 300 companies sharing a common and very challenging target to decrease the number of Health & Safety accidents down to absolute zero level.

    Already in the first year in the Zero Accident Forum, we managed to reduce the number of accidents by 67% compared to 2012 and had no H&S accidents for the first 6 months of the year, which is a new record in the company history.

    How was this possible – what did we do to achieve this Zero Accident-level and new record? Did we have to invest lot of money, time and effort to do this? No. Instead, our accident-free period shows how big changes and targets can be achieved mainly by information, discussing and showing good example. This means “walking the talk” in practice and showing that Health & Safety issues are very important for the company and also for each individual every day at the working place.

    Keeping good work flow in the factory is essential for all of us. In the same way it is crucial that nobody gets injured during their work or because of it. We have found that the key success factors are: having the right attitude and keeping the Health & Safety issues in mind all the way during a working day.

    Let’s keep up the good work! CHALLENGE your fellow colleagues, partners and suppliers and ask them: What is their Zero Accident record?