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  • Quality Academy and 6S method in full use

    June 29, 2015

    The best competence is not born by itself – it must be evaluated, benchmarked, maintained, developed, nourished and rewarded systematically, constantly and comprehensively.

    That’s why K. Hartwall continues its popular Quality Academy sessions, which take place about every second month in our factories. The main target group is the production employees, with whom we start the quality trainings already in the introductory phase. The training plan for the whole year covers the entire scope of production processes as well as areas of Lean methodology. This way, we ensure a strong chain of quality throughout our production processes.

    Parallel to Quality Academy, K.Hartwall has standardized its use of 6S method and runs periodically 6S audits in the plant and office areas. Why 6S is important for the whole company? The 6S method of workplace organisation and visual controls was popularised by Hiroyuki Hirano, with its roots in the Japanese philosophy of controlling and organizing the needed in a safe way and get rid of the unneeded (“Muda” or waste).

    When the first version of 6S audit was established in the fifties, the main focus area was production, mainly with the goal to increase tidiness and visual management. After showing its results in efficiency improvements and increased process, persons from other processes started to pay attention and noticed its usefulness also in offices and service areas.

    For us 6S is as important in the office as in the production areas. A clean well-organised office can also quickly pay off when times are very busy or something is missing.  When your tools and files are tidy in the right place, they are easy to find when needed. All this culminates to improved efficiency.

    Head of Quality
    Jari Lainpelto