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  • Quiet night deliveries: the solution?

    January 7, 2015

    Urban traffic clogging up our busy cities and slowing the daily commute is one of life’s biggest frustrations. As urban populations around the world continue to grow the demand on our already busy streets is also set to grow. According to a recent study by Transport for London up to 30% of that traffic is taken up by delivery vehicles. As the consumer demand for 24 hour convenience and home delivery continues to grow we are likely to see only more vehicles on our busy streets.

    As space for new transport routes in metropolitan areas is fixed, solutions that can reduce the amount of day time deliveries in our cities will benefit all.  One such solution is moving urban deliveries to night time slots when the streets are less crowded.  In principle this is quite straight forward unless you happen to live next to the distribution centre or shop where the noise of goods being delivered keeps you awake all night!

    New logistics solutions to reduce night time delivery noise are now being made available with concepts such as DHL’s compressed natural gas (CNG) concept truck, which includes nylon components and pneumatic technologies on the roller shutter of the trailer and a new PIEK-certified tail-lift.

    But the area that receives most complaints is the noise generated from rattling old roll cages, clanging into each other, and jangling products and empty units to and from the store which is in many city environments is a good walk from the delivery vehicle.

    Replacing old roll cages with K.Hartwall’s low noise PIEK-certified roll cages enables the opportunity for night time deliveries to become a reality.  Including specifically designed composite rubber wheels, integrated noise buffers, plastic bases and uniquely designed buffers for reducing noise when nested, the K.Hartwall PIEK-certified roll cages operate at or below 60dB versus 80dB and above for your standard roll cage.

    Night time deliveries not only free up our busy streets but also provide many other benefits. Hauliers can work their fleet more efficiently and potentially reduce fleet sizes. Deliveries can be done more easily and quicker. Pollution is minimised by reducing stationary traffic. Finally retailers and consumers benefit from improved availability of goods in store.

    It's time to make some noise and share the opportunity for night time deliveries!

    Paul Straw
    Sales Manager, UK & Ireland

    To see more about K.Hartwall PIEK certified products please check: http://www.slideshare.net/khartwall/khartwall-silent-products