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  • Repair and Maintenance as an opportunity

    June 26, 2014

    The maintenance procedures of this crucial asset vary a lot. Often it is seen as a necessary but limited value-added activity. Some companies use their underutilized own personnel to repair the broken units. This is a way to hide the cost into the bigger operation. Others use an outsourced service provider, often regularly put under price pressure by tendering the activity. Both approaches focus only on the cost side, not the value added.

    Typical FMCG and postal companies operate a fleet of at least tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of load carriers typically Roll Containers. The purchase value of these are in millions or tens of millions of euros. The Roll Containers execute a simple but essential task in the very heart of these businesses, they ensure a constant and regular product flow from place A to B. If they stop working or work poorly, the whole business of these companies will suffer directly from it.

    A well-monitored Repair and Maintenance of those load carriers could provide annually significant statistical information on a lot of valuable issues. Normal wear and tear are of course present in all activities, but that is not the reason for most of the repair work needed. Unoptimized design or bad practices are usually the reasons why the load carriers break.

    Getting to the root cause of the breakages and eliminating, or at least limiting their scope, can bring sizable savings to the operations. Reducing the number of load carriers requiring repair will directly lower the maintenance costs and investments in new load carriers. Better fleet condition will smooth the operation and bring savings in picking and loading times to bring savings in resource usage. Also a well-maintained fleet will mean less Health and Safety risks and savings in insurance premiums as well as sick leave costs.

    The needed improvement may be related to product design, local or general operational practices or overall process. So why K.Hartwall? Because we are uniquely positioned to help our customers in together with them identifying the problems, finding an appropriate solution and achieving these benefits. With decades of experience in Load Carrier design, testing and manufacturing we can implement the needed product or handling changes with the optimal outcome.

    Based on our experience and close cooperation with hundreds of customers on different continents, and therefore with different practices, we can help you to identify bottle necks, bad practices or improve the design of your load carriers to optimize their Total Cost of Ownership and ensure the Safety of your employees.