Lean Pallet Size Dolly

The Lean Pallet Size Dolly is a multipurpose load carrier, which can be used both for internal and external logistics.

Towable with other Dolly sizes to build a tugger train, it can carry Euro and ISO pallets as well as plastic crates of various sizes.

Also available in ISO and US dimension 48" x 45".  


Designed for following uses and industries

External dimensions 1200 x 800 x 275 (1017) mm
Tare weight      55-75 kg
Wheel size      160 mm
Wheel types 2 fixed, 2 swivel
4 swivel
2 fixed, 4 swivel
Wheel material      PU
Working capacity      1000 kg
Surface treatment Zinc electroplated
Safe stacking up to 6 pieces 1680 mm





Accessories & extra

  • Integrated strapping device
  • ESD drag cable
  • Total brake 1 or 2 swivel wheels
  • RFID & Tracking compatibility
  • Corner supports
  • 6 wheel option for 360° spinning

Key benefits

  • Enables transport of various size items
  • Improve work flow
  • Reduce handling costs
  • Improve safety thanks integrated strapping system
  • Fast and safe truck loading
  • Optimise vehicle fill