Lean Shelf Wagon – the multipurpose load carrier for SLCs

The Lean Shelf Wagon is a multipurpose load carrier for both internal and external logistics. Dimensionally optimised for space utilisation and high vehicle fill, the Shelf Wagon is ergonomic to use with its height adjustable shelves. A robust unit with low maintenance requirements.

The Lean Shelf Wagon is compatible with all other K.Hartwall towable dollies for safe and efficient transport in tugger trains. Thanks to the pallet size and adjustable shelves, the Shelf Wagon provides perfect fill of standard SLC’s (Small Load Carriers). It can be used in tugger trains.

Designed for following uses and industries

External dimensions     800 x 1200 x 1680 mm
Tare weight      70-75 kg
Wheel size      160 mm wheels
Wheel type       2 fixed & 2 swivel – K.Hartwall wheels are equipped with high quality ball bearings and hub caps for high performance and wheel protection.
Wheel material • Polyurethane wheel
Shelf working capacity    150 kg
Total unit capacity 450 kg
SLC capacity 4 stack of 600 x 400 mm
8 stacks of 300 x 400 mm
Surface treatment  Blue zinc plated acc. to EN-ISO2081



  • Integrated strapping
  • Number of shelves (1-4)
  • Towing device
  • Total brake on 1 or 2 swivel wheels
  • RFID compatibility



Key benefits

  • Improves work flow and reduces handling costs
  • Enables reduction of stock level
  • Reduces need for floor space and improves ergonomics
  • Fast and safe truck loading
  • Optimizes vehicle fill