Smartcube® – foldable, stackable and 60% more space efficient

The Smartcube® can boost space efficiency by lowering drastically the amount of air transported.

Its solid construction keeps the transported goods safe & sound and eliminates the need for shrink wrap - a fact that lowers costs and enhances product visibility.

Most stillages have only half drop-down gates but the SmartCube® has also opening gates on one side, which enables loading from both sides.

The Smartcube® is extremely durable and requires very little repair or maintenance.

Our different SmartCube® models (Standard, Jumbo, Standing items) are compatible with each other

Designed for following uses and industries

External dimensions 1224 x 817 x 1210 mm
Internal dimensions 1102 x 695 x 985 mm
Unit tare weight 77 kg
Safe working load 1000 kg
Loaded units / 13,5m trailer 64
Stacked units / 13,5m trailer 192
Stacking height - empty 397 mm
Max stacking (empty) 12 high
Max stacking (loaded) 4 high (3 on 1)
Finish Zinc electroplate and lacquer
Stackable and foldable YES
Easy order picking YES
Easy to take into operation YES
No protruding items YES
  • Additional half-drop down opening
  • Without skids on the short side
  • Compatible with SmartCube® Jumbo and SmartCube® Standing items

Key benefits

  • No loose parts
  • No shrink wrap
  • Access from both sides for easy loading
  • Takes seconds to put in operational mode
  • Fully stackable when folded or assembled
  • Very low total cost of ownership