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  • Get more out of your goods carriers with K. Hartwall Tracker

    June 25, 2013

    K. Hartwall launches an innovative turnkey tracking solution for fast statistical bottleneck identification and supply chain analysis.


    This service will enable you to visualize your Supply Chain in a totally new way without the need to interrupt your current operations or invest into new costly infrastructure or IT-systems.

    How does K. HARTWALL TRACKER work?

    Small tracking devices are attached on a dedicated fleet of goods carriers. When in operation they transmit their approximate position every hour to a database through the local mobile phone network. What is unique compared to other technologies is that the K. Hartwall Tracker works both indoors & outdoors and is able to transmit its position for extended periods of time.

    What do I get?

    K. Hartwall will deliver a full turnkey solution with hard facts about your Supply Chain operations. For the duration of the project, we provide the necessary equipment including tailor-made adaptor for the goods carriers in question, we install devices onto your goods carriers and instruct how to reload them, take care of all the data transmission, and at the end provide you with a detailed analysis where you can identify the main issues and bottlenecks in your Supply Chain.

    The best part is that you get all this at a very cost effective level and only for the necessary period of time.

    So if you are facing goods carrier loss & theft issues, if you are unable to optimize your goods carrier fleet size or experience continuous shortages of good carriers in your stores, let K. Hartwall investigate and identify the main issues which you will then be able to remedy for a fraction of the cost of other alternative methods.

    For further information please contact us, fleetcontrol@k-hartwall.com.