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  • New laser cutter in full operation

    August 17, 2015

    A new high-tech LT fibre tube laser cutter has arrived at our plant in Finland and is up and running. It is beautiful, big and fast!

    The machine was installed during the Finnish holiday season. We wanted to hit the ground running when the plant reopened. We plan to use the new laser cutter for as wide range of products as possible giving more possibilities to our Product Development to design innovative load carriers.

    Primarily we intend to use the laser for cutting steel tubes but it can also be utilised for cutting flat wire, L-, U- and C-profiles as well, not  to mention the capability to cut high-reflective materials such as brass, copper and aluminium!

    The new fibre tube laser machine has already proven to be a lot quicker compared to our old CO2 –machine. Measured cutting times are 50 % shorter and this can be improved even further when the most optimal processing parameters can be found. We are also investigating the possibility of using nitrogen as the cutting gas instead of oxygen as this may have some additional advantages for speed and quality.

    The new device eliminates some production stages and thereby increases productivity. It’s a win all round and a huge new addition to K.Hartwall’s production facilities. We will make sure that it is kept fully booked for many years to come!

    Pekka Syvänen, 
Head of Production Unit Finland